the studio is a place of inspiration and creativity. Intaglio, monotypes, oil and acrylic paintings, water colours, drawings, nude sketches, even installations and sculptures

"Dissolution" - Paintings

If you missed my solo exhibition from 04.11. to 8.12.17 in the Gallery Artist Homes, you can get a glimpse of it in this Clip about Artist Homes in Heute-Journal on ZDF on 12.11.17

Or you can order the catalogue: 28,5x26 cm,
72 pages, 20.-€ (+5.-€ postage and packing); it includes three articles by art historian Juliana Hellmundt (in German)

The Concert-performance "Dissolution" on Friday, 10. November was wonderful - art, music, poems and prose came together as a complete experience - a first for me and for Artist Homes!

Claudio Puntin: clarinets, electronics
Felix Henkelhausen: bass
Henriette Müller: composition, text
Special Guest: Jong-Ha Kim: guitar
Supported by Kulturbeirat Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Image: Cover of catalogue with: Henriette Müller: "For R.B." - from the series "history" 2016

"Dissolution" - Paintings

show from 4.11. to 8.12.2017; coverage in Heute-Journal

Group show "Tischlein deck dich"

02. to 23.09. in the gallery Artist Homes

Show of prints near Berlin

Exhibition "Prints from three decades" from 06.05. to 23.07.17 in Hartmannsdorf